Blood Bank

Blood Products

Bon Secours Laboratory Services offers a full-service transfusion department to provide blood products for each of our hospital infusion centers in Hampton Roads. Red blood cells, platelets and plasma can be transfused per physician request for treatment of anemias or other low blood counts related to chronic anemic conditions, chemotherapy treatments, or pre-surgical hemostasis. RhoGAM® injections can also be provided.

Requests (scheduling) for outpatient infusion of blood or blood products should be made through the infusion service representative for infusions that will be performed in the Bon Secours Maryview, Bon Secours DePaul or Bon Secours Mary Immaculate infusion centers.

Please call infusion scheduling at 757-398-4234.

Patients will be instructed to arrive prior to their scheduled transfusions, usually the day before, to have their blood drawn for blood type confirmation, crossmatching, and product selection. Transfusions will be performed within the next three days, on one or more days, based on the type and number of products ordered. Blood samples may be drawn in the infusion center during operating hours or in the outpatient lab areas.  *Rhogam injections can be provided the day of the order. 

If samples are collected on the day of transfusion, there will be an approximately one-hour wait time for red blood cell transfusions and approximately two-hour wait for blood components (for example, platelet transfusions) once the blood specimens are received in the blood bank. (e.g. is to be used in informal documents)

Note: All blood products supplied by the hospital blood banks are leukoreduced. Special requirements, such as cytomegalovirus negative or irradiated units, once initiated for a patient via a physician’s order, will be honored for all subsequent transfusions. A written doctor’s order is required to notify the blood bank that these attributes are no longer required. Physicians are asked to continue to specify this request on all orders as a part of FDA and AABB compliance with transfusion accreditation standards.